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In the nearly two years I have worked with Leona, I have been impressed by her work ethic, how quickly she masters new processes, and how she goes above and beyond to assist both her customers and her teammates.

I recall the time she was covering a teammate’s account, and even though she started feeling a little under the weather, that did not stop her from calling her teammate’s customer throughout the day to give them updates. As a rule of thumb, our team knows that we can reach out to Leona if we have questions about anything – even people on other teams walk over to her desk for assistance. Leona is a huge asset to our team, our department, and the company. It is no surprise that she consistently receives accolades from her customers and Granite’s internal departments. No matter where her future endeavors take her, I know Leona will excel in any role, and any company would be very lucky to have her on their team.

Ashley Acuna (Senior Premier Account Analyst)

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